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Steamboat Lake "Regatta Weekend"

In honor of this being "Regatta Weekend," a time when sailors from all around flock to the lake for competition and friendship, we offer you this video.  Not that we saw anything quite this hairy out … [Read more...]

Wakeboard Crash Video

In anticipation for the upcoming weekend, here's a fun compilation of amazing wakeboard CRASHES!  Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Who Needs a Dock?

In an effort to make renting one of our boats more exciting this summer, we've decided to get rid of all our docks and park our boats 20 feet from shore.  From now on, if you want to rent a "party … [Read more...]

4/22 Absurd Clip: Girl Getting LAUNCHED on Water Blob!

If you've never seen a "water blob" before, let me tell you that they can be a TON of fun.  I would love the State Park to get one of these at the lake this summer but as you will see from this clip, … [Read more...]