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As Summer Comes to a Close

Solitude on Steamboat Lake

The dwindling days of summer.

As I sit and look out the window of the marina this morning and notice the calm in the air, I’m reminded of the fact that summer is definitely winding down. The last batch of fudge has been made, the last order of live bait as been placed and we’ve seen a noticeable increase in sweatshirt sales. Yes… it all leads me to the sad reality that very soon the boats will in fact be on dry land and the skies will begin to snow.

As I reflect on how the summer has gone, I think back to the church group that rented our wakeboard boat for 5 hours. I’ve never before seen a group of happier kids with wider smiles in my life. The sheer enjoyment they experienced that day is something I’m sure will stick with each of those kids for a very long time. And the idea that we were such a large part of their weekend entertainment really hits home in the grand scheme of what the Steamboat Lake Marina is all about.

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get area campers, fisherman, hikers, bikers and folks from all walks of like stopping by to say what an enjoyable place this is. We are priveledged to be able to operate our business within one of the top-rated State Parks in Colorado and appreciate each and every customer that has walked through our doors. It’s easy to get caught in the rut of thinking we are in the “boat rental” business but every now and again I’m reminded that we are, in fact, operating a “people business.” It’s a two-way street too. We couldn’t survive without the patronage of our wonderful clientele and our area visitors are happy that we are here for them.

So as you think back on your summer and the memories that were created we hope that part of your recollection includes an experience or two at Stemaboat Lake. If we were lucky enough to have showed you some fun this summer, we hope you return. If you didn’t get a chance to come see us, please start thinking about next summer. We’d be honored to have you!