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Glorious Day at Steamboat Lake!

Swimming at Steamboat Lake

Swimming at Steamboat Lake

I was lucky enough to get out on one of our pontoon boats this morning for an early awakening in the fresh mountain air. As I motored out through the no-wake zone of the marina exit, I couldn’t help but notice the family camping on Bridge Island. The kids were playing some form of “tag” and their dog was happily sniffing the wildflowers. No doubt in search of new territory to mark! Mom and dad seemed to be busy whipping up breakfast for the troops. I was trying to capture the smell of griddled bacon and pancakes but they were too far off to tell for sure what the morning delicacy was to be.

The swim beach on my right was already packed with swimmers lathered in sunscreen and splashing away. Pop tents had been set out to give a bit of shade to the picnic tables on what is shaping up to be another sunny day in paradise. I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood and how a simple day at the beach with my sister and family was like an entire vacation experience all to itself. If I could sip from the Fountain of Youth and go back to those carefree days, I surely would.

On the far side of lake near the dam, I saw a cloud of dust kicking up from the trails along the shoreline. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a troop of pack horses gently carrying a group of riders along the hillsides and valley’s of our area. What a way to spend the morning in North Routt County. Nothing but the trail, the animals, the camaraderie of good friends and the gentle hint of simpler times to make a person truly appreciate this life.

Little by little, it began to dawn on me. Tomorrow is the first day of August. Kids will soon be back in school and our green aspens will soon be turning bright yellow. Things at Steamboat Lake will start winding down and there are really only a handful of busy days left in our summer calendar. Not to sound cliché, but where did the time go? When I began working here at the marina I was told how fast the summer will fly by. Thinking back now, it really did.

Tubing at Steamboat Lake

Preparing to Tube!

So for anyone looking at this summer in the same way I am, I have one bit of advice. If you haven’t made the short trek from Steamboat Springs to the Steamboat Lake State Park this summer, GO! Don’t think, just do it. And when you start making your way north from Steamboat, try to contemplate how glorious this life is. Take in all the sights, sounds, smells and colors you see on your way up here and try to remember that summer memories like this are like a candle in the wind. Don’t let yours blow out before you’ve had a chance to experience its light!

Happy Trails!