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Hahn's Peak Cafe

Hahn's Peak Cafe

Enjoy a relaxed & tasty meal

There are all sorts of wonderful people that surround Steamboat Lake and the North Routt County community with fun and flair.  Flipping through my “Rumors” newsletter as of late (“an honest little newspaper dedicated to the community it serves”) I recenly read all about the Bessey family.

Owners of the Hahn’s Peak Cafe, Katie and D.J. Bessey run a true mom-n-pop operation. Mostly because they have two kids who are often seen around the establishment.  With their son Sal and the recent birth of their daughter Ramona, the Bessey bunch is now a family of 4 lovely people who enjoy the heck out of what they do.

As the story goes, Katie admits to once living a nomadic lifestyle of sorts, mostly revolving around the locale of her favorite musical band.  She’d follow various shows and learned a certain appreciation for the art of music making along the way.  You’ll now find many entertaining acts booked for gigs within the Cafe and chances are good that Katie will have situated herself near center stage.

Mom & Pop or not, the Hahn’s Peak Cafe is a fixture in our area.  The food is delicious and the desserts are to die for (baked lovingly by Katie herself).  So if you find yourself around Steamboat Lake with a growl in your tummy, make sure to stop by and grab a bite at the Cafe.  But be warned, the sign on the door boldly states that “If you’re in a hurry, you’re in the wrong place” and they mean it.  The Hahn’s Peak Cafe is all about taking your time to appreciate what’s truly important and they’ll hold you to it!

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