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Mystic Days at the Lake

Photo by Olivia Clark

After the steaming hot days of July, it seems that August has become a reminder that autumn is just around the corner. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to speed up summer or fast forward through any of the spectacular days we have left on the lake. But waking up to see mist on the lake and then sheltering from the almost daily afternoon rains we’ve been seeing gets me thinking about winter to come.

One of the most special things about working at a business located within a State Park is the opportunity to see firsthand the changing of the seasons. Having only really started here in May, I saw the late spring snowfall and battled harsh windy days while witnessing the ice of the lake slowly melt away. I was here for the stretch of 85+ degree days that made jumping into the lake the only viable option to escape the nagging heat. This week has been a reminder that the “monsoon” season is here and days are twiddling down before the kids are back in school and the leaves begin to change colors.

While it’s hard to predict what Mother Nature will serve us tomorrow or when the boats will in fact be pulled from the water, one thing is for certain. The constant flux of weather and beauty that you find within the Steamboat Lake State Park will always be something to treasure.