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The Weather at Steamboat Lake

Life in the mountains demands that you come prepared! Check out this hilarious video that explains the types of weather you can expect when visiting Steamboat Lake. … [Read more...]

Logging… Outside Our Front Door

Walking into work yesterday, I suddenly felt the need to wear a hard hat.  Watch as one of the area's dead trees gets a helping hand from the Rocky Mountain Youth Corp.  On a positive note... our lake … [Read more...]

Hummingbirds of Steamboat Lake

Perhaps it's because we feed them lots of sugar, but the hummingbirds of Steamboat Lake LOVE the feeders outside our office. The birds can be seen constantly throughout the day and have become … [Read more...]

Steamboat Videos

Just got connected with the very cool people at Steamboat Videos.  If you're looking for the best explanation as to why we love living here, these videos will do the trick!  Here's a favorite of … [Read more...]